🏪 Walk in our store location offer by cash or 🗾 Long distance Sellers by Mail your Unwanted Gift Cards or Store Credits (No Need Scratch Pin#) to Address: 6625 Argyle Forest Blvd Suite 4, Jacksonville, FL, 32244. Payment by Paypal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, and Check options. You can check your gift cards or store credit balance at their stores. Argyle Gift Cards You Can Trust On 💯!!! ❤️‍🔥 If you are Qualify Sellers We will give Free Shipping Label as Request!!! 📞 Phone: 904-735-0997 admin@argylegiftcards.com

Every year, billions of dollars worth of gift cards are purchased and forgotten. They are left sitting in wallets, drawers and purses while someone else could be putting good use to them. We’ve created a marketplace where consumers can sell the gift cards for cash. Sell your cards and get cash!

We offer walk in to Store to sell your Gift Cards or Store Credit for Cash.

And Now

We would like to offer more long distance sellers for people want to sell and they are difficult to sell.

Here is the solution you just go to http://argylegiftcards.com click on SELL GIFT CARDS and create an Account if you are new.

And then you choose brands you want to sell by keying in amount you will get offer immediatly and choose your payment options.

Finally you mail your gift cards or store credits to our store location 6625 Argyle Forest Blvd Suite 4, Jacksonville, Florida, 32244. After we verify your gift cards or store credits We make payment.

See our "How it works"  page for more information.